Wednesday, June 10, 2015

High Waist Bikini Bottoms Under $30

So, I thought I was all ready to go this summer with my new high-waist bathing suit from Target. Come to find out when I went to wear it, the bottoms were actually a Medium with a Large tag attached to it. And I already took the tags off and put them on before I realized that. I'm pretty sure I did in fact need the Large as I didn't feel like the bottoms 
covered my bottom enough.

So now I'm half-way back to square one looking for another pair of 
high-waist bathing suit bottoms.

I think the high-waist bikini is so flattering, fun and gives anyone a chance to wear a two piece who may be uncomfortable with their lower stomach (ME!). There are all kinds of rises, from below the belly button to over the belly button. 

I found a couple new options below from places I would shop. A few other stores had some options but they were all sold out. Seriously, these are not easy to find, especially at a budget-friendly price. The top below is the one I bought. I love the idea of a solid top (or bottom) so you can do a little mix and matching! 

Top // Target 

1. B&W Braided High-Waist Bikini // Target

2. Shirred High Waist Brief // Target 

3. Rose Print Retro Hipster // JCPenney

4. Beach Floral Bloom High Waist Bikini // LOFT

5. Bright Time Neon High Waist Bikini // Old Navy

Have any of you had any luck with a high-waist bathing suit? Where did you find it? Please share!
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