Monday, June 29, 2015

Cole Haan Sunglasses + 4 Tips for Shopping for Sunglasses

I was on a mission to find a nice pair of sunglasses but
I just wasn't going to pay a lot of money.
I'm too afraid of loosing them or breaking them. But I really needed to upgrade from the $5, crooked, peeling sunglasses I was currently wearing. 

So off to T.J. Maxx I went on this mission. I'm really happy with my find, a pair of Cole Haan aviator style sunglasses that retailed for $98. I walked out paying $16.99 for them.

A few tips from my search on scoring higher end sunglasses at a great price:

1. Look at every pair: I went shopping by myself and took the time to look at every pair of sunglasses on the three displays. I wanted to make sure I didn't miss any good finds.

2. Know your brands: There are plenty of sunglasses from brands like Jessica Simpson, Nine West and  Betsey Johnson. And while those are nice brands, their sunglasses aren't super great quality.

3. Google Search: If you are unsure of where a brand stands on quality, whip out your phone really quick and Google them to see what their sunglasses sell for. That's what I did for a pair of Seven for All Mankind sunglasses. I knew the brand was higher end but I didn't know where their sunglasses ranked...I did a little Google search and saw they retailed for around $80-$90 dollars.

4. "Retail for $34+" means better quality: This is specifically something I noticed at T.J. Maxx. I realized that all of the brands that were higher end or better quality stated on the tag that the retail price was $34+. This could be a quick guide to help you narrow down your picks.

There you have it. Just a few tips for scoring some higher quality sunglasses at a great price!
Most sunglasses are priced around $12.99 and with just a little bit of patience you can easily spend a few dollars more for a much high quality pair of shades!

P.S. This was not sponsored by T.J. Maxx. I just think this is a great, budget friendly place to shop for quality sunglasses.

Do you have any favorite places to grab sunglasses? Or any tips on how you save money when on the hunt for new shades?

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