Monday, February 23, 2015

{D.I.Y} Lost Socks Laundry Room Sign

When I moved into our new home I knew I wanted to make the laundry room as bright and fun as possible. I wanted a 'Lost Socks' laundry room sign after seeing one in Hobby Lobby. The one I saw was a little too simple/plain so I decided I was going to make one.

Here is what you need:
Piece of plywood (For reference- mine is 24 inches x 8 inches)
Can of spray paint in color of your choice
2x picture hangers
Pack of Magnetic Clips
Craft paint in color of choice
Small craft paint brushes

(Apologies that my pictures are showing step by step on a finished sign. I didn't take pictures when I first made the sign.)

1. You'll first want to spray paint your piece of plywood and let it dry.

2. The next step is adding your lettering. I'm sure you can use stickers or vinyl letters if you have something like a Cricut. I didn't have anything to make this part easy, so I went the tedious route. I chose a font I liked in Word and adjusted the size according to what I wanted on the sign. Then I printed out the words LOST SOCKS in that font and size. I placed my letters where I wanted them on the sign and used a pen to trace the letters onto the plywood. I pressed as hard as I could in order to make an imprint of the letters.

3. Next I used a small craft brush and craft paint to trace over the indentation and paint in the letters.

4. Once the letters dry, flip over the plywood and nail in the picture hooks so you can hang the sign on the wall.

5. Final step. Flip back to the front and lay your magnetic clips out and evenly space them out. Glue each magnetic clip to the plywood with super glue. Let dry and you are done!

Let the lost socks come a runnin'! Oh cause they will. How does that even happen so often?!

Do you have a special place for your lost socks? Do you think you'll be making your own sign?

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