Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How to Shop Aldi + Top Items to Buy

I struggled a bit with what to name this post. Healthiest items to buy at Aldi? Depends upon what diet you follow. Best deals at Aldi? Not necessarily, you might be able to find better deals at your regular grocery store. So, I settled on 'best items to buy at Aldi' and to me that is based on healthier options and items that are on average a great price when you don't want to hunt for a sale and deal with coupons. 

When I first shopped Aldi, it was all foreign to me. Just figuring out how the store works was so different from a normal grocery store. You need a quarter to use the grocery carts. You bring your own bags, buy your bags or use an empty box from the shelves to corral your groceries. You pack your own groceries into said bags or boxes. And the store does not offer everything you may need. (I always shop Aldi and at least one other store.)

If you have never been, please allow yourself to go more than once. On your first trip, you may not see all of the hidden gems that Aldi offers. It has taken me multiple trips to really understand the best things that I think Aldi offers. To make it a little easier on you (whether you have never been or just want new ideas on what to buy there), I've listed out the best items to buy at Aldi.

-Organic Apple Juice $2.49
-Frozen Hashbrowns $1.89
-Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts 2.5lbs $6.69

-Frozen Corn $.95
-Frozen Broccoli Florets $1.09
-Frozen Peas $.95
-Frozen Extra Fine Green Beans $1.59

-Mushrooms $1.29
-Blueberries $.99-$1.99 (on average)
-Strawberries $.99-$1.99 (on average)
-Mini Sweet Peppers $1.99
-Organic Carrots $1.49
-Organic Apples $3.99
-Avocados $.69-$.99 (on average)
-Organic Fresh Spinach 5oz (not pictured) $2.99

-Natural Unsweetened Applesauce $1.89
-String Cheese $2.79
-Shredded Parmesan Cheese $2.49
- Hickory Smoked Uncured Bacon (no nitrites/nitrates) $3.99
-Pork Sausage Roll $1.99
-Pure Maple Syrup (not pictured) $3.49

-100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil $3.49
-Pure Canola Oil $2.09
-Beef Broth $1.49
-Organic Chicken Broth $1.69

-Light Red Kidney Beans $.69
-Cannellini Beans $.69
-Black Beans $.69
-Organic Diced Tomatoes $1.69
-Tomato Paste $.35
-Tomato Sauce $.25
-Organic Pasta Sauce (not pictured) $1.89

-Single Serve Raisins 6ct $1.29
-Chopped Walnuts/Almonds $3.59-$4.59
-Blue Corn Tortilla Chips $1.69
-Regular/Whole Wheat Soft Tortilla Shells 8ct (not pictured) $1.99

-Ziplock Bags 40-50ct (freezer and sandwich) $1.99
-Flex Odor Control Tall Kitchen Trash Bags $4.99
-Aluminum Foil $1.99
-Scrub Sponges 3pk $1.29

I've listed prices for reference but please note they may fluctuate. 

Keep in mind that not all stores may carry the same products. Sometimes, products may not always be stocked that you normally get. If you have any questions about a product that you don't see, ask an associate. They are always very friendly!

What are your favorite things to get at Aldi? See anything from the list that is new to you that you now want to try?
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