Saturday, October 24, 2015

HomeMade Halloween: Lady Pirate Costume

Ok, this is a pretty simple costume...a pirate ARRRRRR!
But I wanted to share my take on it and I spent less thank $10 putting it together. This was my outfit for the Halloween dinner and I did have fun yelling ARR and saying things like 'me know you have my gold!'

-white blousey top // $3.69 @ Goodwill
-black/red skirt // $3.50 @ Goodwill
-fishnets // $3.74 @ Wal-Mart
- long scarf
-black boots
-pirate accessories (sword, headscarf, earrings, coin bag, etc.)
tip: if you don't already own some pirate accessories from your kids, check the toy section of stores instead of the Halloween section!

The shirt and skirt I found at Goodwill. 
The only thing I did to the shirt was cut the sleeves to make them jagged.
The skirt was actually a cotton sundress. I snipped off the top half of the dress and made the hem of the skirt jagged. It already had the layer of black and red fabric on the bottom. Perfect!

I grabbed the headscarf, pirate sword and coin pouch from my son's room. I purchased the fishnet tights for under $4. I had the earrings which I thought "oh these look like coins and pirates like coins...these will work! The "garter" that I used to hold my coin pouch was actually my daughter's headband.

That's it! This one was really simple. :-)

I urge you to be creative and see what you already have that you can utilize!
If you need a last minute costume, might you go as a pirate??

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