Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Guest Bedroom: Navy + Gold Canvas Wall Art

Good Morning everyone!
It's been quite the past few days around here. The whole family (my in-laws included) all got a nasty stomach bug starting on Thursday and it is still lingering with some of us. My husband and I literally laid on the couch all day on Friday. My poor son claimed it 'the worst day ever.' But he was a trooper and hung in there so that we could get some rest. I'll be happy to see everyone back at a 100% again!
Over the weekend as I started to feel better we hung a few new pictures on the wall that I posted about here. And then I decided to finally paint/update these two large canvases that I had sitting in our guest room closet.

This is a simple and inexpensive project if you are looking to add some art to your walls.
The canvases are often buy one, get one free at Michaels and the paints will run less than $7 for the both of them.
I originally painted the canvas on the right a few months ago and hung it in our bedroom. But I just wasn't happy with how it looked on the wall. So I spray painted over both canvases (18'x24') in a navy blue color. (I believe this was Valspar Indigo.)

Then I wanted to add gold from the bottom up on the canvas, in visible strokes. I used DecoArt paint in Glorious Gold and an angled paint brush we had from painting our walls. I brushed from the bottom up using light and harder strokes until I got the look I wanted. I put a light amount of paint on the brush and just added more in the areas I wanted darker.

I moved a bright green mirror that looked randomly hung on one of the walls over to create a bit of 'headboard art' with the two canvases over our guest bed.

Super simple update. I like the placement of the mirror and canvases much better but I'm still unsure if I want to add more gold to the canvases.

What do you think? More gold? Do you ever paint on canvas? 
Sometimes I find canvas hard to hang without feeling out of place.

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