Monday, June 22, 2015

Bunny Party Table Decor {for under $17}

So the 2nd birthday bunny party is over and turned out great! After the first birthday, I've tried to keep the birthday parties more simple with family only. We like to take the kids to a special place and then theme a small party at home around where we took them. I also like to keep the decor in one area, so typically we keep decorations on and around one table.

This year for my daughter we took her to the local petting farm. I knew there were bunnies at this petting farm, so that is where the idea of the bunny party came from. I was able to pull the decorations off for under $17 because I used a lot of items from around my house, made things from leftover craft supplies and gathered all of the bunnies my mom, mother-in-law and I had around our houses. All items purchased were from Dollar Tree, Michael's and Wal-Mart. 

 Table Decor 
White Plates $1 // Pink Cake Plates $1
(3) Pack green baskets $1 // White Table Cloth $1
Orange Straws $.50

The table runner was made from craft paper I had at the house. I cut a piece about half the length of the table, cut it in half long ways and taped it together to create a runner.
All of the bunnies, plastic cups, bucket for the straws, plants and serving ware I already had.
You can also see in the last picture below that I had one of the bunnies on the left sitting on something. I used an old sage green square fabric box that we had, flipped it upside down and used it as a little shelf for the bunny.

(4) Heart Balloons $4 // (2) Silver balloon weights $2

Carrot Utensils
(2) bags of green silverware $2 // Pack of orange napkins $1
Green curling ribbon - on hand // Basket - on hand

These 'carrot' utensils were simple and such a cute touch. I got the idea from this website although I couldn't find great step by step directions on how they were rolled up. I just played around with it until I got them rolled the way I liked it. The goal was to try and end up with a 'V' design at the front top. Tie with green or even orange ribbon and you are done. 

"Some Bunny is Two"  Sign
Black Posterboard $.97 // White Paint Pen $1.97
Cotton Balls & Construction Paper (on hand)

I printed this bunny template out and used it to trace the bunnies onto pink construction paper.
I looked at some fonts online in order to draw out the 'Some Bunny is 2" letters with the paint pen. Lastly, I took cotton balls and lightly pulled on them to puff them out like a tail and hot glued them on. Beware: if you have animals in your home you might want to hide your sign until it's party time! Either my dog or cat chewed the cotton balls off the night before the party. lol

 Window Detail
Tulle: Leftover from her 1st birthday.
Triangle Banner: made with construction paper and pink ribbon I had on hand. I just created a triangle template, cut out the pieces, put two hole punches in the top and strung the ribbon through them. Once I had them spaced evenly I taped the ribbon to the back of each piece of construction paper.
Tassel Garland: made from some bright green yarn I had on hand from a previous project using these instructions as a guide.

I'm really happy with how this turned out! I definitely learned to save things from previous parties and projects because you can use them again  in a whole new way! It was amazing how much stuff I had that I could use which largely cut down on my decorating cost.
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  1. You did such a terrific job decorating, Ashley!! I love that you kept it all under $20 too! Your "Some Bunny is 2" sign came out super cute!! Hope the birthday girl had a ball!! :)

  2. How adorable is that?!? Dying over the carrot utensils!

    1. Thank you! I was really happy with how such a simple thing made such a fun impact.


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