Friday, June 5, 2015

6.5.15 // High Five for {the little things} Friday!

Happy Friday! (Do I say 'Happy (insert day)!' way too much?!)
I'm sick again, well the whole family is sick again with a yucky cold. Bummer! Looking forward to the weekend and a little relaxation. On to my top five favorite little things from this past week. 

1. My husband and I finally attempted to make our own headboard over the weekend using a few tutorials we saw online and I'm happy to say it came our pretty darn good! It ended up costing us a bit more than we thought the supplies would cost but end the end it cost under $65. Here is a little sneak peak, I'm working on a post with a step by step on how we did it.

2.  We had breakfast at Keke's again and can I just say that every time I have gone (and tried something new) I have not been disappointed! This time it was the Eggs Portabella (poached eggs) with portabella mushroom, roasted red peppers and home fries. *drooling*

3. After hearing about the Target Beauty box for Spring after the fact (it was no longer available when I heard about it), I was able to place an order for the Summer Beauty Box and I can't wait for it to arrive! Thank you Brenda over at Chatting Over Chocolate for sharing that it was live! Can't wait for it to arrive.
4. Last night my son was begging to go outside to play with the neighborhood kids. I was feeling pretty crappy but after his convincing that he hadn't been outside allllll day, I said 'yes' and mustered up the energy to take him out for a few. He responded back with an enthusiastic "Thanks mom, you're the best!" and it was worth it! <3

5.'s Friday! Some weeks I just think that Friday deserves to be on the list.

How was your week? Staying healthy or is your household coming down with a bug, too? 

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