Wednesday, April 22, 2015

{D.I.Y} Baby Clothes Size Dividers from Gift Boxes

Happy Wednesday ya'll! 
Since I'm on the baby train this week, I thought I'd share with you these baby clothes size dividers that I made for my little one's closet. We start getting clothes even before the baby shower and by the time the baby showered passed we had SO. MANY. CLOTHES.
It was hard to figure out what we had in each size even when we organized them in order by size. I decided to make these dividers and they really helped to keep things separated as well as gave me a better visual of what I had in each size.
I made these out of gift boxes from Gymboree. As you can see the design can be different on their boxes. You can also use some nice decorative card stock if you don't have any cute gift boxes on hand.

You will need:
Gift box or card stock
Item to trace the size of the divider that you want (I used a small dish here)
Circle punch or item to trace smaller inside circle (I used a small flashlight here although its a little big)
Permanent Marker or stickers

Trace your circle onto the gift box. Make sure to make enough of them to cover the sizes of clothing that you have (Newborn, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, etc).
I would cut out one circle first and make sure it is going to fit on your clothes rack. You may have to adjust the size so it fits.

Now trace and cut out or hole punch the circle in the center.
Next cut a line from the outside of the divider to the inner circle so that you can open up the divider to get around your clothing rack. (NOT cutting it completely in half.)
And now you can label your size dividers using either a permanent marker or stickers.

And here they are in action, keeping the clothes all nice and organized!

Do you think you'll be making these size dividers? I actually think making these and including them in a baby shower gift would be so nice!

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