Monday, July 13, 2015

5 Must-Have Clothing Basics from Target

I love Target!!! You feel the same, right?!
Over time I have found a few clothing items from Target that have become staples for me. Like, I have multiples of them in different colors. And I use them on a weekly basis.
You can't beat the price and I have been really impressed with the quality of the items.

Here are my 5 favorite staples from Target:

 Mossimo Crew Neck Tee
$9 (but I have seen as low as $5 during sales)
I have tried many t-shirts from Target and these are by fay my favorite. They are fitted but not too tight. The length is long but not too long. Everything seems juuust right on these shirts. I'm planing on adding more colors.

 Denizen Essential Stretch Skinny Jeans
$27.99 (look out for sales and coupons)
I haven't had a whole lot of luck with jeans at Target. This girl needs some stretch and I can't seem to find that in a lot of the jeans Target carries. But these, streeeetch! My mom and I actually picked up the light pair together. And we loved them so much we ordered the second pair online in a darker wash. I'd love to see some more styles/washes of these come out.

 Mossimo Full Length Leggings 
$8 (and sometimes on sale for $5)
Website only shows the capri style but I always purchase the full length. 
I have purchased so many pairs of these leggings. As you can see, right now I have 4 pair. One pair are the ones I paint in (see the splatters?). Another pair has holes all in them that I continue to wear to bed because they are so comfy. They are the perfect thickness and the waist band isn't annoying.

Merona Ultimate Long Sleeve Tees
$10 (and can go on-sale as low as $6)
Love the fit of these in both the crew neck and the v-neck...and I don't normally do v-neck tees. Nice fit and light enough to layer with in the winter and wear to the office in the summer.

Merona Favorite Tank
$10 (and on-sale for as low as $5)
And obviously #1 on my list...these tank tops! To wear to bed, to layer under other shirts, to wear by themselves, love them! They are smooth (no ribbing), they have some stretch to them. come in so many colors every season and are so versatile. They are also long enough on me but not ultra long.

Do you have any favorites from Target that you have bought multiples of?


  1. I've never had luck with jeans at target either, but the denizen brand looks great! I've got a booty so I tend to go for dark jeans. I was just there but went in for a candle lol and didn't look at clothes, aside from the sandals :)

    1. They have a lot of stretch and do come in a darker color. I've seen you have great luck at LOFT which is where I would love to go check out some jeans...I need a pair of really dark blue jeans next.

  2. Target just needs to take all my money. Maybe their name should be on my I need to try out those leggings!!!!


  3. That's a good roundup of basics. I'll have to try the leggings, as I need a new pair soon. I love the Merona v-neck and the tanks. I have a few in various colours and wear them all the time! Maybe its a good thing that Target left Canada...or I'd be there all the time.

    1. Such a dangerous place in a good kind of way. haha Thanks for stopping by!


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