Friday, October 23, 2015

HomeMade Halloween: Colonial Man Costume

My husband and I went to a Halloween dinner this past weekend where we had to follow the theme of pirates and colonial/commodore costumes.
So, I went off on my hunt to make our costumes. My husband's was fun to create and might I add it came out hysterical! (It's all in the wig for me...I just couldn't stop laughing. Loved it! And the face is his "I'm in character mode" face!)

- Blazer (with small collar/lapel) // $11.99 @ Goodwill
-Navy Pants 
-white t-shirt 
-black dress shoes
-white, black and gold felt // .35 each @ Michael's 
-white thigh high socks // $3.74 @ Wal-Mart
- gold buttons // $1.74 @ Wal-Mart
- long (curly) wig // $2.99 @ Goodwill
-red ribbon
-white lace
-toy sword

Let's start with the jacket. I did some digging at the Goodwill and found this blazer in the men's section for $11.99.
I immediately flipped the collar up and knew I could work with this.
I picked up these buttons at Wal-Mart and sewed them the rest of the way up the jacket. I made sure they were evenly spaced using the existing buttons as my guide. Since the buttons I purchased were a slightly darker gold, I took some gold acrylic paint I already had and lightly painted over all of the buttons.

 For the "ruffle shirt", we created a little ruffle piece that we safety pinned to a white t-shirt.
I cut out a piece of white felt into a half oval shape. Then I took stripes of white lace and hot clued it on row by row.

In order to get the ruffle effect, I hot glued the edge on first. Then I folded the lace over every inch or so, glued where it folded over and repeated to the other edge. Once a row was done, I lifted the last row up and started a new row about half way up from the bottom of where that piece of lace would lay. I hope that makes sense!

My husband already had black dress shoes that we altered to look 'colonial style'.
I picked up some black and gold felt from the craft store to make the buckle. I free-handed the black piece but made sure it was wide enough to cover the shoe and high enough to stand up above the shoe. I cut out a gold buckle from the felt and glued it onto the black piece. 
These shoes had a strap across the top already, so I was able to glue a felt loop onto each side of the shoe strap and then glue the buckle onto the loops. This kept the buckles in place without messing up the shoes. 

I cut a strip of black felt, looped it through the pant buckle and stapled it.
This gave a way to carry the sword for the costume hands free.

For the wig, we pulled the hair back into a low pony tail. We had to trim it up a little because it was too long. I then took some red ribbon I had on hand and tied a bow around the ponytail.
For the white stockings, I purchased these white costume socks from Wal-Mart and removed the black bows. We tucked his navy slacks (that he already had) into the whites socks. We pulled the pants over top of the white socks a bit so that you couldn't see the pants tucked into the socks.

There you have it, your colonial man costume!
Are you still working on a costume for this year? Stay tuned, I'll have one other last minute idea for you tomorrow. 
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