Monday, March 2, 2015

Don't Pinch Me!: A St. Patrick's Day Party

Welcome to March, kiddos! Hope you had a lovely weekend.
St. Patrick's Day is coming up on March 17th so I wanted to share a little party I put together a few years ago. It was just the family but it was super fun!
Maybe you can get some ideas and inspiration and throw together a fun and inexpensive party for you and your fam!

I picked up a bunch of decorations at the Dollar Tree.
One of my favorite places to get party supplies.
I purchased three leaf clover cut outs, light up sticks, napkins, paper plates, a plastic three leaf clover dish, leprechaun center pieces, leprechaun hats and table clothes.

We made a green St. Patrick's Day Punch to drink.
I combined ideas from recipes here and here.
I sliced limes and placed them around the edge of the glass pitcher. Next, add scoops of lime sherbet. Then I added pineapple juice and topped with lemon-lime soda which caused the pretty bubbles you see at the top. I don't think I followed either recipe with the exact amount of ingredients since the pitcher was a smaller container.
You can eyeball it to your preference.

We used fresh fruit and veggies to make a rainbow display with a pot o' gold {green coins}. And you see what I did there? We needed some dip for the veggies so I made a cluster of clouds with some small white condiment dishes.

The food we served was just an assortment of appetizers that did not have much to do with St. Patrick's Day. But we did have a 'traditional' dinner of corned beef and cabbage. We only have this once a year and I really look forward to it. I'm hoping I can do a recipe post on it soon. It's a one pot meal and fairly inexpensive as the corned beef goes on sale this time of year.

So like I said, just a simple family party we had. If I'm not planning anything big I love to just stop by the Dollar Tree and see what they have to decorate and get a little creative with what I might have around the house.

Do you do anything special for St. Patrick's Day? Any family traditions?

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