Friday, February 27, 2015

2.27.15 // High Five {for the little things} Friday!

Happy Friday friends! 
Alright, I'm going on week two for High Five {for the little things} Friday. Hope you had a wonderful week and have a few little things that made you happy this week that you can share!

1. We stopped by Starbucks on Sunday morning for a little coffee and breakfast. I tried the new Chocolate Caramel Muffin. I tried to take a picture but of course my camera was full! It is amazing! And make sure to get it warmed so that all of that ooey gooey caramel melts down into the muffin. Yum!

2. So, I finally hit 1,000 pageviews!!! That may seem small to some but I jumped up and did a little dance when I saw this! Thank YOU for stopping by and helping me cross that first goal. Can't wait to interact and converse with you all more. Come out, come out, wherever you are!

3.I got to teach my four year old how to play Go Fish! We've tried to play a few different board games but this one he actually sticks to through the end of the game. He can't exactly hold all of the cards out so I have to look up at the ceiling while he sorts his cards. It's pretty darn cute!

4. I made Lentil Soup over the weekend and it was a hit with everyone. Always the best when all of the kiddos and the husband scarf down something you made. :-) You can check out the recipe here if you missed it.

5. I've got a haircut appointment tomorrow! Um, it has been almost A YEAR since I have had my hair cut or colored. Good way to save money, right? So yeah, needless to say I'm pretty excited about my hair appointment. It's long overdue.

Anything fun from your week you want to share? Enjoy your weekend!
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