Monday, March 30, 2015

15 Easter Basket Filler Ideas for Kids

Happy Monday Everyone! Hope you had a nice weekend.
We had lovely cool but sunny weather pop back up over the weekend. Perfect for the outdoor activities we had on the agenda.
With Easter this weekend, I'm still trying to track down a few more things for the Easter baskets. I always want to make sure I have enough things to fill the basket without spending too much money. But I also like to make sure whats in the basket is something that will get used rather than more junk I'll end up throwing away. So here are some ideas on Easter Basket fillers for young children.

1. Band-Aids: Gosh, my kids love to put band-aids on any possible boo boo. So any character band-aid is great to have and the kids use them up. Character band-aids run a little over a $1 each normally. And sometimes you can find them at the Dollar Tree.

2. Bubbles: We tend to go through bubbles (and lose or spill them). Walgreens currently has bubble wands for .49 with in-store coupon.

3. Hot Wheels: My son can never have enough hot wheels cars. Walgreens has them on sale this week for .69 with in-store coupon. Otherwise, these are never more than $1.

4. Stickers: These are great for sticking all over arms and legs or making artwork on paper. Always  great choice and you can find tons at the Dollar Tree.

5. Head Bands or Bows: I love having ones to match every possible outfit. And we seem to lose them here and there anyway. I found some adorable headbands in the Target Dollar spot this year.

6. Kites: We've still got some windy days ahead and for just a couple of bucks they can have something to fly in the sky.

7. Mr. Bubbles Bubble Bath: Just like regular bubbles, we go through our bubble bath. Can never have enough. A large bottle runs around $3.50.

8. DVDs: I'll gladly add another movie to the kids collection. Best Buy always has a bin of great kids movies on DVD or Blu-Ray for $4.99. Plus you'll see sales at Target and Wal-Mart. I'd like to get HOP and The Little Rascals this year.

9. Coloring books/Crayons: You can find both for a $1 just about anywhere. And there is nothing like a fresh set of crayons and a coloring book. :-) If you want to spend a few more dollars, I do think these crayon gems are really different and fun! (Found at Target but no longer available online.)

10. Play-Doh: Wal-Mart has single regular size containers of Play-Doh for .50 each. These are always drying out or being mixed with other colors turning them a nice mud brown or marble color. Pick a fun spring color for your basket.

11: Books: I think kids can always enjoy a new book to read. You can find ones for all different ages at the Target Dollar Spot and the Dollar Tree. Ross and TJ Maxx are always places to find nice books for under $5 each.

12. Sidewalk Chalk: A fun activity, coloring out on the sidewalk under the beautiful spring weather. Again, just a $1-$2 at just about any store.  

13. Clothes: Kids are always growing out of their clothes or staining them up, right?! The best place for some clothes coming in at just a few bucks or under is the Target Clearance rack. But check out Wal-Mart and the kid's clothing stores clearance racks as well. You never know what you'll find!

14. Craft Supplies: Check out the Michael's dollar section at the front of the store, Target Dollar Spot and the Dollar Tree. All great places to find craft paper, paint, paint brushes, stamps, pre-packaged art kits and any other fun craft type supplies.

15. Treats: Okay...and candy. But I like to keep the candy to a few single pieces usually. My kids love all of the Gerber Graduate puffs, bars and such. Treats like those are great as well. I picked up some cookie sticks with dip in the Target Dollar Spot this year.

*In addition to items like these suggestions, in the photo above I got my son a paratrooper and my daughter some bath toys that they are still playing with a year later.

What things do you like to fill the kids' Easter Baskets with?
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