Friday, March 20, 2015

3.20.15 // High Five for {the little things} Friday!

Happy...FRIDAY! Oh's been quite the week.
No plans this weekend which I am happy about.
I've got a lot of projects and things around the house to work on and the weekends
 already fly by as it is. 
1. Took the kids to Chuck E Cheese for a birthday party over the weekend. My daughter has never been and was so tickled to give Chuck E a big ole' high five wen he came out for his song and dance. And we had a little father/son duo on the Guitar Hero game. Adorable!

2. We also got to take the kids to check out an event called Pig on the Pond that helps raise scholarships for local kids. We got to watch some cute little piggies race, ride the big slide, eat some BBQ (fries topped with pulled pork and cheese sauce for me). And my son just so happened to get to meet 'BATMAN' there. "He's real mom!" Melt my heart...

3. Had another great shopping trip this week at Publix. I spent $151 but saved $103 in coupons and sales. $41 of that was just in coupons! Some trips to the store I don't even have one coupon in hand and other times I luck out with a stack full.

4. So my mom came over today and brought me a small surprise...the red lipstick from my spring/summer wish list post on Monday. I did a little happy's the small things.
(Thanks mom!)

5. Cupcakes!!! We were given a 4-pack of the cutest gourmet St. Patrick's Day cupcakes at work this week. Oh, I have such a sweet tooth and these were delicious. 

How was your week? Ready for the weekend?
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