Friday, January 23, 2015

Redbox: $2 Date Night

We've made it to Friday! 
A perfect night for a date night. But if you don't want to battle any crowds or leave the house, a Redbox Date Night is the best! My husband and I have these typically once or twice a week.

Redbox are like Starbucks, you can find one on every corner.
If you haven't tried out this method of renting and watching movies, give it a try.
Cost: $1.50 for DVD and $2 for Blu-Ray plus applicable tax.

Here are a few tips:
      • You can find and reserve movies ahead of time online. Just create a Redbox account online. Or you can just stop by your closest Redbox location and see what they have available to rent.
      • Sign up for the Redbox text alerts. You'll get codes for free rentals, buy one get one codes, .50 off a rental and more. Text SIGNUP to 727272.
      • Sign up for email newsletters to see what new releases are available each week. You'll also periodically get rental codes.
      • When you sign up online, make sure to choose to join the Redbox Play Pass.You'll get 10 for each movie you rent and once you hit 100 points you'll get a credit for a free movie rental.
      • Grab a few snacks to enjoy while you watch your movie. Our favorite right now is blue corn tortilla chips and guacamole. And a coffee on the side for me so I actually make it through the movie!

Seen any good movies lately? 
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