Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Just Grab a Can of Paint

When we were getting ready to move into our house this past year, I began saving all kinds of potential items that I thought I could easily transform with a can of spray paint.
 Either things we had that weren't going to work with our new decor or stuff our family was going to get rid of.
Ohhhh can I just tell you how great a can of spray paint is?! 

I thought I'd share some of the things we made over with spray paint for a little inspiration.
(I held onto most of this stuff in our guest room and just dug around in there as we were decorating.)

 {previously all bronze}

{previously gold}

{previously gold with a black shade}

{previously gold}

{previously gold}

{previously red}
This one actually got rained on when it was drying, so to save it we started randomly sanding it.
It gave it a bit of a worn, antique look.

(Sorry there were no before pictures!!)

Are you addicted to spray paint? Got anything you're thinking of painting?

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