Thursday, January 1, 2015

{D.I.Y} Crayon Art

I've seen this crayon art all over Pinterest and 
really wanted to make a piece for my son's room.
I went totally generic but I loved how it came out.
My quick steps and tips below:
-Canvas (size of your choice- purchased at Michaels during a BOGO sale)
-Crayola Crayons (I used colors from 4 packs of crayons)
-Sheet and/or cardboard
-Hair dryer or heat gun

1. Pick the colors and order you want your crayons in. I chose the main ROYGBIV colors and kept the same colors together. I just kept filling in until the top of the canvas was full. Glue crayons down with super glue or strong craft clue.

2. I leaned my canvas up against my back door and tucked the canvas into a fitted sheet. I didn't have a cardboard box which would work well, too. I just wanted to make sure that I didn't send any crayon flying onto my door.

3. I saw most people used a heat gun for this step but since I didn't own one I went with my hairdryer and it worked great! I started on low heat, aimed the dryer slightly down at the top middle of the crayons and moved the dryer from left to right. It took a few minutes but you could slowly see the crayons start to melt. I just kept going until I got to the look that I wanted.

Super easy! This is what it looks like all hung up. 
(And yes- we currently use my son's art board to hold hats instead.)


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