Friday, May 15, 2015

5.15.15 // High Five for {the little things} Friday!

Hey kids, hope you had a great week!
We had a few fun plans this past week/weekend and now I'm looking forward to this next weekend, per usual. I get to head to Tampa on Sunday to visit with my mom and then a dentist appointment on Monday with the kiddos. Hope that goes well!
Alright, it's time for my top five highlights from this past week.

1. I actually got to do some shopping by myself this past Friday and Saturday. That's pretty amazing! I love shopping with my family but sometimes it's nice to go out, take your time, browse and not worry about anyone else being bored!

2. I FINALLY got a chance to try the new S'mores Frappucino at Starbucks. It was tasty but it was so much like dessert, I don't think I would order it again. At least I got to try it!

3. We attended a joint 2nd and 4th birthday party at a local citrus farm over the weekend. The theme was Peppa Pig and the mom did such a great job decorating! She runs a business called Tici's Treats (if you're in the Central Florida area, check her out!) and she does such a great job creating tablescapes of her delicious and adorable treats. We got to take a 'monster truck' ride through the farm to see the land and animals and it was lots of fun!

4. I made some delicious, healthy blueberry muffins. I have been wanting to make either pie or muffins with the blueberries we picked a few weeks ago and just got around to doing it. I used this recipe from Everyday Family. It uses Greek yogurt, applesauce, oats and whole wheat flour. The only thing I didn't have on hand was plain Greek yogurt so I improvised and used a cup of Chobani 100 Peach Greek Yogurt. Delish!

5. My Mother's Day gift to my mom and mother-in-law was a night out for Paint Nite! I wanted to do something different and enjoy a night out with them instead of giving an actual gift . This turned out to be so much fun!  We painted cute little giraffes as you can see from the photo. I highly recommend giving a paint night a try if you have never done it before. They have deals for these types of things on Groupon all the time.

So, how was your week?!


  1. Great picks! I had to laugh cause you featured the frappe and I did a s'mores martini. hope you have a wonderful weekend!! xo

  2. Sometimes I like shopping alone, too, for the same reasons. Or even seeing a movie alone.


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