Tuesday, May 19, 2015

5 Ways I Stacked Savings at Target

I did a quick Target trip over the weekend and it was the perfect opportunity to show you how every little penny counts. I was able to use 5 different resources to stack the savings on my small trip. 
And although some savings may seem so small, they all add up!

Here is what I grabbed at Target on my recent trip:

This was a quick trip for necessities so I wasn't stocking up on some great sales or using a bunch of coupons. Here is how I managed to stack my savings without that.

1. Printable Coupon: Used a $4 printable coupon for Rachel Ray dog food from here.

2. Target Cartwheel: I have the Target Cartwheel app on my phone, so I scanned all of my items to see if there were any Cartwheel offers for them. I ended up with 5% off the diapers, eggs, cheese and milk. The total savings was $.84.

3. Target RedCard: When checking out, I used my Target RedCard (the debit card version) to save an extra 5% off my total order. The total savings was $1.32.

4. Ibotta App: When I got home, I pulled up the Ibotta app I have downloaded on my phone to check for any rebates that matched what I purchased. As you can see below I submitted for a total of $1.10 cash back for the bread, cheese, bananas and milk.

5. Checkout 51 App: I also have another app called Checkout 51 on my phone that offers cash rebates for purchases. I checked it out and was able to submit for $.75 cash back on the eggs and bananas.

So there you have it! By using those 5 steps I was able to save a grand total of $8.01.
Now, the Ibotta app requires you to have $10 in your account before you can transfer money to a Pay Pal account. I currently have $11.60 (with a lifetime savings so far of $21.85). The Checkout 51 app let's you request a check when you have $20 in your account. I currently have $5.50. So these are not immediate savings but they absolutely add up!

What do you think? Seem easy or feel like too much work?
Any questions I can answer?

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