Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Two Favorite {Splurge} Hair Products

Aside from the MAC blush I mentioned in this post, these are really the only two non-drugstore  products that I have re-purchased. They aren't even crazy expensive and I still have a way to save on them below.

Paul Mitchell - Flexible Style Spray Wax
This spray wax is better than any type of balm or spray that I have tried in the past to help with piecing layers in my hair. You can spray this on your finger tips and just use it to piece your layers and make them more defined/separated. I personally like to give it a quick spray all over my hair and then take my hands and kind of shake them through my hair to make it look a little 'messy.' And then play with it and piece out the layers where I want to.

Big Sexy Hair - Root Pump Plus
{I actually scored my latest bottle for $6.95 on Black Friday}
I LOVE this stuff. It helps to give my hair volume and a little texture at the roots. I use this no matter what I'm doing with my hair. On a normal night, I wash my hair and then apply the Root Pump Plus at the crown of my head going towards my forehead. I lift my hair at the crown, spray some at the roots and do this one or two more times moving toward the front of my head. I then rub it into my roots and go to bed. On a night I'm not being lazy, I will blow dry my hair at the roots with my head upside down to help the product really give my hair volume and finish styling in the morning.

{Was I terrible at trying to describe how to use these products? lol}

Either product can be purchased at Ulta. They are always having sales and coupons. On any given week you can either get a $3.50 off $10 purchase or a 20% off coupon.
Check for their most current available coupon.
Both products last me quite a long time- so with a coupon or sale and the fact that they last so long is a pretty good deal in my book!

Have you tried either of these? Do you have any favorite splurge hair products?

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