Monday, September 21, 2015

How to NOT End Up With 10 Red Nail Polishes Ever Again!

Are you ever out at Target, Ulta, T.J. Maxx and the like and browse on over to the nail polishes?
You spot some really pretty colors or a really great deal.
And then you go through one of these scenarios:

"Do I have a red color like this one? This is a darker red than I own, right? No, maybe I already have a color like this? I don't remember!" 
(Puts nail polish back and leaves store. Comes home and definitely needed that color!)

"Do I have this shade of pink already? I know I have at least 5 different shades of pink colors but I don't have this one, right? I don't remember! But, It's so pretty!"
(Purchases nail polish, comes home and you have an almost identical color!)

This was me quite a bit. Either purchasing an almost duplicate to something I owned or not buying a great color I could have used. And then recently I came up with a simple solution to the problem.
Take pictures of all of my nail polishes and store it in an album on my phone.
I know, I've seen this done with clothes and outfits but who knew it could solve my nail polish problem too!

Group your nail polishes by color (makes it easier to see what you have in that shade family) and take a photo of them.

Once you have your pictures done, create a separate album on your phone called 'nail polish.'
Under 'Albums', click on the plus sign (+), name your new album, click the pictures you took of your nail polishes and then click 'done.'
Bam! All set up for easy reference when you are out shopping.

You could do this for anything you tend to buy duplicates of. Maybe you do this with eye shadow, jewelry or certain craft supplies.

Do you make albums of anything on your phone? Do you have anything you think you'll use this technique with to avoid buying multiples of the same thing?

Peeled Wellness

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  1. How clever is this?! I've done this twice before, and ended up giving my dupes to friends. It's a great idea to keep track though, thank you! I should do this with a lot of things :)


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