Wednesday, July 8, 2015

5 Ways to Use Up Those Samples

Have you looked around your house lately? Have you noticed random samples and sample sized products in different places? I sure have!
In my bathroom under the sink, in the bathroom closet, under the sink in the guest bathroom.

We seem to end up with samples from purchasing products, friends or family give them to you, torn out of magazines, from stores or people selling products, etc. And then they just get forgotten about.
What good is that?! I want to give you some encouragement today to use those samples!

Check out all of the samples I rounded up from around my house. 
Gathered from all of the examples I gave above and more.


1. Use them yourself: No brainer, right?! But I know I'm not the only one who has these all about their house and forgets to use them. So gather them up, put them all in a cute basket in your bathroom and encourage yourself to start testing out all of the products. It's fun and you might discover a new must-have product for yourself.

2. Use them for travel: Traveling soon? Whether just to the beach, another state or a weekend size products are great to grab and pack in your bag. They are smaller and take up less space in your bag.

3. Put them in your purse: Grab a little makeup bag and keep some of your sample size products with you on-the-go! Perfumes, hair spray, lotions, etc. You never know what the day might bring so it's nice to have some extra products that might rescue you from, say,  your hair needing tamed or an extra sweaty day!

4. Leave them out for guests: This is a great opportunity to create a little basket for your guest bathroom. If anyone is visiting for the day or staying the night, they can take a peak in the basket and use anything they may need or have forgot to bring with them. Toothpaste, body sprays, hair spray, etc.

5. Donate them: Think you're really just not going to get to using them? Donate them! Check your local women's and homeless shelters and see if that is something they will accept. They might be small to some but such a wonderful thing to receive for others.

These ideas may seem pretty common sense but I hope I just gave you a little encouragement to actually use your samples and save a little money!

Do you have any other ideas on how to utilize your sample products?

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