Monday, April 20, 2015

5 Tips for Shopping for a Baby Shower

Good Morning! I hope you had a great weekend.
We hosted dinner for family that was in town on Friday, painted our kitchen on Saturday and did some grocery shopping on Sunday.
I took off last week from posting to give myself a wee little bit of extra breathing room.
I'm back today to share some of my tips for shopping for a baby shower.
We just attended a shower last weekend for friends of ours who are having twins. I thought this would be a good example to use to give some tips on how to save or get the most for your money when shopping, if you aren't just purchasing one large gift.

First I'm showing you what I purchased to create this basket. I really wanted to tie a bow with ribbon around the basket but needless to say I ran out of time. I did pad it with a little tissue paper and I think it came out pretty cute!

Ross Dress for Less
Basket $5.99 // Infant Nike Socks $4.99 // Trucks Book $2.99
Pacifiers $2.99 // Pacifier Clips $2.99 / Burp Clothes $6.99
Infant Beanies $2.99 // Baby Toys $ 3.99 & $4.99 // Bottle Brush $2.49

Dollar Tree
Snack Cups w/ Lids // Outlet Plugs
Sleepy Monster & Giggle Monster Board Books

Wipe Warmer $26.99 // Faucet Cover $7.99
Saline Nose Drops $3.69 + 10% off w/ Cartwheel App
Infants Acetaminophen $4.02 (clearance price) // Pampers $8.99 - $1.50 coupon


1. Book as a Card: Don't buy a baby shower card. Instead, purchase a book and write a little something on the inside cover. You can buy a book for as low as a $1 from the dollar store or Target's Dollar Spot or spend a few bucks more at places like Ross or T.J. Maxx. Instead of something to throw away, they now have a keepsake book with a special note to their little baby. I actually requested this for my baby shower and I love opening up the books to find those special notes.

2. Container as a Gift Bag: Instead of putting your gifts all in a gift bag, pick out a container that can be utilized by the parents. I purchased a nice basket with handles. This can be used for toys, extra clothes, etc. You can also use a large clear tote with a lid. These are great to also store extra clothes or even clothes the babies start to grow out of. A hamper would also be a fun way to package your gifts. Not only do these things act as your gift bags, they can be utilized afterwards and are an extra little gift.

3. Use Coupons and Apps: This might be a given but sometimes we don't plan as much when purchasing gifts. Figure out where you might shop and what you want to buy and look for coupons. Your traditional registry places like Buy Buy Baby and Babies R' Us put out store coupons. Places like Target have coupons for baby items on their website and discounts via the Cartwheel App.

4. Shop Outside of the Registry Store: Sure, it's easy to shop right off the registry. But sometimes you can get better deals and stretch your money by shopping outside of the store the parents are registered at. I looked up the two registries online and made notes of what was listed and hadn't been purchased yet. This way I could use that as a guide when shopping during my trips shown above.

5. Don't Just Buy from Off the Registry: OK, so if you are clueless about what new parents might need for a new little baby, stick to the list! But if you are a parent yourself, think of some of the things YOU really utilized. They might not be on their registry. The things we purchased that we knew we really utilized with our children that wasn't listed on their registry was the wipe warmer, faucet cover, saline drops, pacifier clips and the infants acetaminophen.

I hope these few tips help you out next time a baby shower is on your calendar! (Or even if you just know someone who is expecting.)

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